Day 67: Laundry Day

Happy Monday and Day 67 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
First things first: It looks like we’ve once again made it to the beginning of a new work week.
Anyway… who else here loves laundry day?
Now, first off, disclaimer for those of you who are thinking
Laundry day?  Day?  What are you talking about?  Hannah, laundry is a daily job around here…
Hannah, do you really do your laundry so little that you get excited for laundry day?
Laundry is typically only a once a week job for me… perk of single life and having a designated pair of scrubs for each day of the week, I guess.
And so, yes, I guess I get a bit excited for it.
Especially when the weather’s finally nice enough to hang laundry out on the line.
I mean, can you name something that smells better than freshly washed clothes that dried on the line?
I’m waiting…

(Okay, fine, yes, petrichor is a top contender.  I’ll give you that.  And maybe fresh peach pie. But line dried laundry?  Definitely in my top 3 smells.)

Admittedly, I was stubborn and hung laundry out on Saturday too… even though it was only about 35 degrees with a strong north wind.
Totally worth it.
In any case… yeah, that’s my excitement for this promisingly warm Monday.
Well, that and experimenting with some new ice for my ice vest.
And finishing taxes.
You know, all the fun stuff.
‘Til tomorrow,

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