Day 68: Consumed

Happy Monday and Day…
Wait a minute… it’s Tuesday, isn’t it.
How about: Happy Tuesday and Day 68 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
So, first things first: today’s the first work day that I have a post-work to-do list already written out for.  This weekend, the to-do list actually seemed to work pretty well.  I didn’t end up accomplishing everything that I had on the list, but I felt a lot more productive than I generally feel.
Maybe that’s the weather.
Who knows.
In any case, now to pick a topic for this morning’s post…
So, as I was listening to praise music this morning (it helps to get my head/heart in a better place for starting my work day), one of the songs talked about our lives being an altar.
Admittedly, I’ve heard this reference probably a thousand times in my life.
But, as I heard it, suddenly an image came into my mind of fire coming from heaven and consuming the sacrifice.
This is a picture that was presented multiple times in the old testament, and has been referenced many times in contemporary Christian music, but for whatever reason, it never really connected in my mind.
That we are the sacrifice.
That the Holy Spirit is fire.
And that all that we are is meant to be consumed.
Burned up.
Utterly destroyed.
Completely taken over.
And while I don’t have the right words for it, I feel that this is meant to be the cry of our hearts.
To be consumed.
For all that is not of Christ to be burned away, utterly destroyed.
For Him and His will and His purposes and His name to be our one desire.
‘Til tomorrow,

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