Day 72: It’s Way Past My Bedtime

Happy Saturday and Day 72 of Another 100 Days of Hannah.
Tonight’s late post brought to you by a morning of distractions, an hour and a half of hiking, some organ, and an evening round of Name That Tune with the family.
(For those of you who were with me for 100 Days of Hannah, yes, we’re still playing NTT once a week.
I’m tired.
Mostly because I’m a grandma, and partially because the time change is tomorrow.
And so, instead of writing much, tonight, I think I’ll just write a quick blurb about someone fun that I follow, link their page, and be done.
So, I ran across Carrie Hope Fletcher… wow, something like 8-9 years ago?  For those of you who don’t know her, she is a UK vlogger, blogger, author, singer, and actress.  I have no idea what she’s best known for in most circles – but she’s been in several West End musicals, and is set to be the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, which is supposed to be released this year.
Oh yeah, and she’s the younger sister of the McFly band member Tom Fletcher.
In any case, today (or yesterday?) marked 10 years since she posted her first youtube video, under the channel ItsWayPastMyBedtime.
And, considering how tired I am, it felt too fitting to resist.
I obviously don’t know her, but her voice and her videos are awesome.
And she has a super adorable cat named Edgar that you can follow on Instagram.
So, if you like musical theater…
Or random, honest, authentic, non-click-baity type youtube videos…
Check out her page.
You (hopefully) won’t regret it.
Okay, I need sleep.
‘Til tomorrow,

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