Day 74: Binaural Beats

Happy Monday and Day 74 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!

This post brought to you from my iPad which, yep, you guessed it, means it’s another travel week!
Yes, I do mean week. I got tired of traveling halfway across the state once a week, and so, decided to try to knock out a month’s worth of distance traveling in a single stretch.  We’ll see how it goes.  If everything works well, I’ll probably opt to continue this pattern so I can ditch all my 4+ hour drive days.

And, yes, for any of you who were wondering, this new schedule is how I was able to get a blog out before work every day last week.
In any case, with it being a travel week, I decided to go big this time and book an airbnb for the week, rather than stay at a hotel.  I mean, if I’m gonna be out of town, I may as well have someplace, other than a hotel where I’d have to wear a mask to leave my room, to call home, right?
Admittedly, I may have gone bigger than was necessary, considering the place I booked is on a lake (like, I’m looking out at a sunrise over the water presently).
But again, if I have to be away from home, it might as well be enjoyable.
As so often happens on a first night away from home though, last night’s sleep was less than spectacular. I woke up around 3 this morning to the sound of knocking.  After a few minutes, I was able to track the sound down to the dryer vent, which was flapping in the breeze that had picked up since I went to bed.
Unfortunately, finding the sound didn’t mean immediately falling back into a nice, restful sleep.  Rather, I ended up in one of those ‘never ending dreams’ where you feel like you’ve tried to wake up for hours without success.
Which definitely meant that I was less than ready to crawl out of bed when my alarm went of at 5a this morning.
Thankfully, though, my site for the day is… in another time zone.  So, even with taking a slower start than normal, I still don’t have to be rushing to get to the facility on time.
In any case, this slower, more tired, unfocused start gave me a chance to try out binaural music this morning.
Unlike bilateral music, binaural music utilizes specific frequencies of sound and their relation to electrical impulses in the brain to change neural functioning, therein heightening or reducing systemic arousal.
With this, slightly differing frequencies are played into each ear, which in turn creates the perception of a new frequency within a given range that elicits the desired effect.
This morning, considering my massive struggle to get with it, I went for more alpha wave frequencies to increase my focus.
And, while I’ll probably never reach a super high peak today, I definitely noticed improvement as soon as I turned the beats on.
Which is to say – if you’ve never experimented with binaural (or bilateral) music – try them out!
Okay, that’s all.
‘Til tomorrow,
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