Day 75: Shelter

Happy Tuesday and Day 75 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!

First things first: Good news! I slept much better last night, which means I am dragging significantly less this morning.
Hopefully that means that I’ll be less exhausted after work tonight too.
(Changing time zones and not having any doctor go the facility for most of a year is a recipe for a really long day.)
From there:
Where do y’all feel safe?
With bing gone this week, this is something I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of days.
Admittedly, even though this lovely lake house was meant to give the feel of being home, the first day, it just didn’t.
All the way driving up, and even once I got here, something just felt.. uncomfortable.
And, I really don’t know why.
I mean, most times when I travel, I immediately feel comfortable – at home, at peace.
But this time, something was different.
In any case though, it made me think about safety.
About where I find refuge.
About home.
No, not the physical location, but more of my emotional homes.
The places that I feel like I fit in.
That I don’t need to escape from.
The places that I run to when I’m hurting.
Like with close friends and loved ones.
In nature.
In music.
While writing.
In Psalms, safety and refuge are a common theme.
And in every case, this safety, this shelter, is found in none other than the Lord.
He is our refuge and our hiding place.
He is our shelter.
He is our strong tower – our safety, our defense.
And He longs for us to run to Him in our moments of weakness.
For us to call upon Him in the day of trouble – for He has promised to deliver us.
Which, is a lot of times easier said than done.
I don’t really have great words to finish out my thoughts here this morning… so I guess I’ll just let it go at that.
‘Til tomorrow,
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