Day 78: Chill

Happy Friday and Day 78 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
First things first: y’all, it feels really good to be home.
As a rule, I normally really like traveling.
I love exploring.
I love adventures.
And I can normally feel some semblance of ‘at home’ no matter where I roam.
But, for whatever reason, this past week’s travels were different.
I never really felt… at home.
And, though I rarely have trouble sleeping anywhere – on a plane, on the floor of a greyhound bus, on a couch, in a chair – two out of my four nights away, I just didn’t sleep well at all.
Which definitely added to the stress of a week with 3 patients needing to be emergently sent to the ER .
As I’ve mentioned before, I can always tell when I’m super tired or stressed – all of my normal order and attempted motivation goes out the window.
Charting takes about 4x longer than it should.
I’m easily distracted.
I don’t want to do anything.
And getting out of my hammock to even eat a meal is difficult.
Which, pretty much sums up last night.
So, though I got home around 4:30, I don’t think I finished charts until about 8.
(Though, I did watch two movies in that time… also a rarity for me.)
After finishing these tasks, I typed out yesterday’s haiku, and promptly fell asleep… not even caring that I only completed ONE ring on my fitness app yesterday.
Considering this week’s exhaustion, sleeping in this morning felt like an imperative.
And taking a day to just… chill.
Which, thankfully, has meant spending quality time with the little one (who is now wayy taller than me).
In any case, I guess, today, I’m grateful.
Grateful for time off to relax.
Grateful for loved ones to spend time with.
And grateful for sunny days.
‘Til tomorrow,
 Day 77
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