Day 83: Praise and Exercise

Happy Wednesday and Day 83 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Halfway through the week.
We can do this.
Only Two. More. Days.
Can anyone else relate on this cloudy Wednesday morning?
Yesterday was admittedly a bit overwhelming for me.
Patient care should’ve been a breeze, but somehow ended up taking wayyy longer than expected.
And so, what I anticipated to be an early afternoon off, ended up being an average afternoon off, with charting wrapping up around 4:30.
Upon the completion of my final chart, I looked at my schedule for the next couple of weeks to see if my next travel week had been posted yet.
Good news – it had.
Bad new – all of the visits listed were 2.5 to 3 hours away, and at least an hour apart from each other, with at least one day being in a different time zone.
Admittedly, after reading this, I was pretty upset.
I mean, to my knowledge, this is not what I signed up for…
I signed up to be in the vicinity of one city (you know, the one that was advertised with the position…?), and, if necessary, travel further (at most 2 hours from home) one day a week.
And here I was being scheduled over an hour away from what I thought was my furthest site, with no central location to make the daily drives shorter.
Not cool, bro.
Not cool.
To blow off steam, I went out for an hour walk/run.
If you didn’t know it already, NEWS FLASH: exercise is really good for mental health.
*Scary thought – how bad would I be if I wasn’t almost always moving?  Maybe we don’t want to think about that one…*
In any case, yes, the walk/run helped immensely.
However, I still felt pretty crushed by my schedule.
Especially after requests for other commitments kept coming in through the evening.
Insert another later bed time last night.
Admittedly, when I woke up this morning, things weren’t much better.
In fact, one of my morning google searches was ‘how many optometrists hate their job?’
(Correct answer – more than you’d think.  Also, side note, I don’t hate my job.  I really enjoy the variety and the general freedoms that I have – especially with this position.  I genuinely hope to never have to push glasses/contacts on people to make ends meet, and would prefer to not say ‘which is better, one or two’ any more than once a week.  I have been seconds away from falling asleep during this test.)
After several google searches though, it was time to get up. 
Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to praise music in the morning, and, y’all, lemme tell you – it’s a powerful habit.
I know few other things that can take me from dreading getting out of bed and heading to my non-office to being pretty decently upbeat.
Which is all to say:
Feeling down?
Praise and exercise.  It’ll do wonders.
‘Til tomorrow,
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