Day 89: Little Things

 Happy Tuesday and Day 89 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
It’s an earlier blog day today – I have a lovely 1.5 hour (each way) drive this morning to get to today’s facility, which means leaving close to 7.
At least it’s supposed to be a gorgeous day for a drive!
And, let’s be real, we all know that if I don’t make an effort to write before work, it probably won’t get done.
Okay, it’ll get done, but it’ll be another 12 word post where I say absolutely nothing.
In any case, today’s a day for celebrating the little things.
Tuesday’s are good for that, right?
This thought comes after my therapist was reminding me yesterday of all the little things that she’s noticed progress on over our time together.
Admittedly, most of them revolve around giving myself more grace for mistakes and failures, rather than beating myself up every time I do something wrong.
So, what are these little things?
  • Admitting my weakness and asking for help in a few situations
  • Taking steps to get healthier physically (PT), spiritually (participating in a couple studies), and emotionally (regular therapy)
  • Running away less – and not getting caught up in shame when I do run (literally) away
  • Advocating for myself – especially at work
  • Embracing leadership positions, even though they scare me
I could probably add a few more, but I’m running lower on time.
Honestly, celebrating the little things can be hard for me.
I mean, I really didn’t see much cause for celebration when I graduated from optometry school and landed a residency.
So, why in the world should I celebrate little, seemingly insignificant milestones?
Because, as I posted a couple of months back, life is made in the little things.
We tend to focus on and highlight all the big, momentous occasions in life, but, in reality, it’s the little, day to day steps that make the biggest difference over time.
And, as we learn to recognize the little changes in life, we are strengthened and encouraged.
We have experiences to lean on when the voice of doubt or fear whispers that we are too weak, too afraid, not enough.
It reminds me of the chorus of one of my favorite songs from I AM THEY – How Far We’ve Come: 

Look at the mountains we’ve climbed
Look at how faithful He’s been, to deliver us
Look at how far we’ve come
The story of unfailing love
Jesus has made a way, to deliver us
Look at how far we’ve come

Y’all, life is a mountain that we climb, day by day, one step at a time.
It’s not always easy.
And, on some mountains, it’s really really hard to see progress – especially when all you see is the climb left ahead of you.
Don’t be afraid to turn around and see just how far you’ve come.
‘Til tomorrow,
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