Day 90: Worship

Happy… Wednesday and Day 90 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
First off: holy cow. We’ve made it through 90 days of this blogging adventure!!
I genuinely have no idea how many of you there are reading my daily… emails, posts, whatever we want to call these (if you subscribed by email or use an RSS feed reader, those stats are hidden to me – I only see the actual website visits), so to all of you who keep coming back for my daily randomness, THANK YOU!
Right now, I’m still planning on continuing this feed past the 100 day mark.  As I said before, I really enjoy this morning blogging habit, and am honestly somewhat curious how long I can keep going with daily posts.
Which is all to say, if you like what you read: don’t worry – I’m not quitting after Day 100!
Okay, now what…
So, over the past month(ish) I’ve been working through a study on worship.
(Yes, it was supposed to be a two week study.  Yes, it’s been a month and I’m only on day eight.  Don’t judge. This is why I don’t do studies in groups.)
Admittedly, for most of my life, I haven’t really understood worship.
I mean, sure, I knew that worship music was typically the quiet, heartfelt type stuff that normally ended in teary eyes and a newfound determination to serve, but, other than that? Not a clue.
Which, is largely why I picked this study.
(Also, it had a piano and a cactus on the cover, which seemed like the perfect depiction of myself and the friend who I am doing the study with.)

Here at Day 8 of the study, I’ll be honest, worship is still hard to define, but I’m coming to see that it’s a lot more than just quiet music.
Worship is our response to the love and grace and mercy that the Father has poured out on us.
And, as a response, it comes out in every aspect of our lives.
Sure, it comes out in music.
But it also comes out in service.
And obedience.
And holiness.
And thankfulness.
In worship, our lives become a living sacrifice to the Father – not out of obligation or duty, but out of love for the one who gave everything for us.
Which… is a pretty beautiful picture.
I have more thoughts on this – specifically in relation to obedience, but as the clock keeps ticking towards time that I need to leave, I think I’ll save them for another day.
Until then,

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