Day 94: Easter

Happy Easter, y’all!
Well, as I write this post, it looks like Easter 2021 is in the books.
If I’m honest, some days, I don’t really know how to judge the success of a day.
Especially when that day is a holiday.

Between COVID, my older brother being busy with work, and me leading(ish) a song at both services this morning, we didn’t really do anything super special for Easter.

Which is fine.
I enjoy having time off.
I enjoy no-stress holidays.
But sometimes, at the end of the day, I can’t help but wonder if I did something wrong.
If I’m supposed to feel different.
If every holiday should be… memorable.
And when these thoughts arise, it’s easy to feel more than a twinge of guilt.
Like, I should have done something more.
Or better.
Or… something.
But, as we continue to the end of this day, I’m reminded to simply be grateful for what was.
That I did have time to spend with family.
That it was a beautiful day.
That I was able to share the day with some of my favorite people.
That we were able to worship our risen Savior together this morning.
For delicious food.
For walks outdoors.
For time off.
Which, I guess, is where I’ll leave y’all for today.
Here’s to hoping y’all had a wonderful Easter!
‘Til tomorrow,
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