Day 97: Heat Intolerance

Happy…what is it, Wednesdayish y’all!
Guys, I really don’t want to go to work today.
So, I’m back at the same facility where I was yesterday – hanging out in the salon, per normal.
Except, there is absolutely no moving air in the room, and I swear it’s about 85 in there.
Which means that I was overheating within a few minutes of getting in the room.
Annnd it just progressively got worse throughout the day as they had me see 16 (out of the 21 that they wanted me to see) patients.
So, first things first: Heat Intolerance PSA
Y’all, it’s not that I don’t like heat.
It’s not that I don’t love summer.
It’s not that I want to be cold.
It’s that my body physically stops functioning properly when I get too warm.
Which, is, unfortunately, in temperatures that other people find quite comfortable.
What do I mean by ‘my body stops functioning’?
It’s quite literal.
My heart races.
The world spins and I struggle to catch my balance.
My vision begins to go.
My body gets super shaky.
I get nauseous (like worse than the normal baseline nausea that I feel most days).
And my brain gets crazy foggy.
So, pretty much, I feel incredibly drunk without having a drop of alcohol.
And, once I get in the worst stages of this, it can literally take hours for me to recover.
But, for better or worse, it’s all invisible.
So, no matter how many times I say ‘I have significant heat intolerance’ it comes across as, ‘there’s this skinny, needy doctor who is trying to get out of her job’
And, I’m never really sure what to do about that.
Because, I feel for the patients who haven’t had a doctor there since last July.
I feel for the social workers and the facilities.
But, some days, I genuinely don’t know how to proceed.
Because there’s a part of me that’s pretty terrified that one of these days it’s all gonna fall apart, and I may never recover.
Which is pretty much to say, if y’all have a moment, could you say a prayer that that’s not today?
‘Til tomorrow,
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