Day 99: It’s Friday?!

Happy… woah.
Today’s Friday, y’all!
I hadn’t really processed that yet this morning…
Happy Friday and Day 99 of Another 100 Days of Hannah, y’all!
Guys, I’m running behind this morning.
Well, not crazy behind, just like 15ish minutes.
Which is fine, because it’s only a 40 minute drive to work this morning, but still – I’m running about 15 minutes behind my normal schedule.
Primarily because I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning…
There really is something heavenly about sleeping in a super soft king size bed.
Especially with a weighted blanket.
Side note: If any of y’all have anxiety, or even if you don’t, and have never used a weighted blanket, you seriously should check it out.  I obviously love mine enough to take it on travel weeks with me… So worth it!

In any case, I’m glad it’s Friday.
Not that I get to sleep in tomorrow – I have a meeting back home at 12:30 and so have the entire house here to clean and pack up by 9-9:30 ish, but that’s still a later leave than most mornings.
But I’m ready for the last day of this work week.
And I’m excited for slightly nicer day (and hopefully an early evening off to enjoy it post-charting).
In general though, I’m grateful for a more relaxing travel week than my last one.  (Staying two extra nights to cut out the extra driving either before or after work is sooo much more enjoyable than trying to rush everywhere.)
And even though I miss having a piano or keyboard or organ with me here, it’s been nice to be ‘away’.
It’s been nice to have a separate space.
To explore a new town.
To see new countryside.
And to get paid to do it.
Some days, I feel like I complain about my job a lot.
And, I’ll admit, there are a lot of days where it’s completely exhausting and overwhelming.
But some days, it’s not so bad.
I enjoy the variety of patients.
I appreciate getting paid to travel.
I enjoy not having set hours that I have to clock in and out.
I like meeting and establishing relationships with new people.
And I love taking the time to show those who are so often overlooked that they matter too.
I just wish I could do all that without the physical and mental fatigue that I so often experience.
C’est la vie.
‘Til tomorrow,
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