Day 101: Another 100 Days of Hannah… And Counting!

Happy Sunday and Day 101 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… And Counting!
Oh yeah, and welcome to Allergy Season 2021.
Anyone else feel like their allergies just spiked over night?  On Thursday, I woke up to my whole body itching (that’s new), Friday my sinuses refused to clear, yesterday I had a day long headache, and today I just can’t seem to get past this lovely brain fog.  Oh well… at least spring is pretty!
In any case…
One hundred and one days.
New territory.
Honestly, I feel like this round of blogging has felt much… easier.
During 100 Days of Hannah, there were quite a few days where I wrote a couple of sentences or linked to a song and called it quits.  I often felt like I didn’t have the time or mental energy to do anything more.
And, yes, there were some of those days in Another 100 Days of Hannah, but I felt like they were generally fewer and farther between.
I’m gonna attribute that to making blogging part of my morning routine.
It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you intentionally make space for new habits.
Which, I suppose begs the question: how long is this blogging streak going to continue?
If I’m honest, I have no idea.
Part of me would love to keep writing every day for an entire year.
But, obviously, I have no idea what the rest of this year is going to hold.
So, we’re gonna take it one day at a time.
Ready to keep rolling?
Let’s do this thing.
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