Day 102: Tired

Happy Monday and Day 102 of Another 100 Days of Hannah…and Counting!
Anyone else have a really hard time getting up this morning?
I’ll admit, crawling out of bed was approximately the last thing I wanted to do… especially after I missed my alarm by almost 20 minutes.
(In my defense, my alarm is on my watch, and all it does is vibrate. I felt it vibrate, but it wasn’t as pronounced as usual, and it didn’t keep going, so I immediately fell back to sleep.  Oops.)
In any case, I’m still a bit groggy, even though I’ve been up for over an hour and a half at this point.
C’est la vie?
From there, I’m really not sure what to talk about this morning, which maybe means that Day 100 should have been the end of this blog.
Live and learn.
Annnd… I guess I’m gonna let it go at that today and hope that my brain is more awake and ready with something to say tomorrow.
Catch ya then,
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