Day 104: Planning

Happy Wednesday and Day 104 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… and Counting!
So, considering it is after 7:20a as I am starting this post, I probably don’t have time to be blogging right now.
In fact, I definitely don’t.
Why I am I here then?
Because why not try and see how fast I can get this written?
(And because we all know how bad I am at getting posts finished after work..)
In any case, so, this morning I was reminded of how poor I am at planning.
(Today’s my mom’s birthday, which I knew… I just didn’t plan ahead well enough to, you know, buy gifts like 3 weeks ago when it would’ve been logical?)
However, this poor planning is not limited to remembering important days.
It also goes along with planning events (I’m supposed to be having a game night next weekend and have absolutely no idea how that’s gonna pan out), and managing finances.
The latter being the direction that I think I’ll take this this morning.
Does anyone else here absolutely suck at keeping a budget?
I do.
Now, I should probably make a disclaimer here – when I say I’m bad at managing money, it’s not that I go out and spend exorbitantly all the time – I don’t.  In fact, I’d like to think I’m moderately conservative (oxymoron?) with funds.
I just am bad at having a specific plan for money that’s coming in/going out.
(To my finance-savvy friends and family, I can see your cringe from here…)
As I have been contemplating my eventual neuro-rehab private practice endeavor over the past week though, I’ve begun to realize how impractical this nonchalant ‘just don’t spend too much’ approach is.
I guess I know what I’m working on this weekend!
From there though, if any of y’all have tips on easy-to-use budgeting programs, lemme know!  My huge spreadsheet that I generally try for about 3 months every year obviously isn’t working…
(I always get overwhelmed going back through receipts and trying to categorize all expenditures.  Plus, I’m terrible at setting appropriate goals: I either over-budget, so I intentionally end up with a surplus, or under-budget to try to force myself to cut back.  (ie – I definitely only need to allot $50 a week for food, right?)

Okay, I should go to work now.
Catch y’all tomorrow.
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