Day 107: Sacrifice

Happy Saturday and Day 107 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… and Counting!
First things first: blogger keeps alerting me that the email widget is being discontinued soon.  My older brother would probably tell me that this would make the perfect time to transfer my blog to another platform… and, he wouldn’t be wrong.  But, I’m not sure where I want to fit learning basic coding into my schedule, so… that may wait for a bit.
However, if you are following along by email, first, my apologies that this function is being discontinued.  At this time, I don’t know if it’s being replaced by another similarly functioning widget or not.  However, regardless, this may be the perfect time to transition to a RSS feed to follow all your favorite blogs!

From there, let’s see…

Today was another day for resting.  Which… is partially why this post is so late.  No, I didn’t spend the entire day sleeping, but I did sleep in this morning, and disregarded my typical morning routine in favor of spending a little more time dedicated to journaling. 
Recently, I’ve been having a pretty difficult time with mornings.
I’m not entirely sure why – if it’s just a more tired season, if I’m dreading getting up and going to work, or if my bed is just too comfy.
But, in any case, I end up spending wayyy too much time on my phone before getting out of bed, and then trying to shove the rest of my morning routine into increasingly shorter time slots – a couple minutes with devotions, a five minute walk, a few minutes of stretching, okay, that’s enough, right?
And, maybe that’s not a bad thing… to not be so set in my ways that a slight variance in the routine wreaks havoc on my whole day.
But, y’all, I can tell the difference.
And I don’t like it…
But that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to get off my device and get back into the word.
In the piano/cactus study that I’ve been working on for two months now, I’ve made it to the discussion of worship through sacrifice.
Annd, if I’m honest, I’ve been there most of this week.
Because sacrifice is hard.
It’s hard to give up something that you hold dear.
It’s hard to say no to self and to submit to God.
It’s hard to take a step back and let go of all the little things that keep you running throughout the day and just… rest.
But no matter what the specifics look like for you, that’s exactly what we’re called to do.
For me, this morning’s act of sacrifice was simply putting timers on apps that I frequently find myself getting caught up in, and then praying for help to look to the Father rather than my phone in times where I long for distractions to satisfy my soul.
Which sounds pretty small – I know.
But that’s okay.
Because sometimes sacrifice isn’t placing your son on the altar…
Sometimes it’s simply staying at His feet, choosing to sit.
‘Til tomorrow,
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