Day 112: Everything

Happy Thursday (oh yeah, it’s garbage day, Hannah) and Day 112 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… and Counting, y’all!
Welcome to yet another ‘I’m starting this post really late’ day, brought to you by getting caught reading rather than getting out of bed this morning.
It’s not my fault my bed is super comfy… right?
In any case… what to blog about today?
Ah yes… Anyone else have the problem of wanting to do everything?
Admittedly, this has been something that I’ve struggled with for most of my life, and is why I identified as an enneagram seven for quite some time.
And is also why I had a hard time choosing a career.
And is why I struggle to choose jobs.
And… you get the picture.
I just… want to do everything!
I don’t want to be confined to a specific path of life!
I want to dabble – to have fun!
This morning’s realization of this desire to do everything comes after attending my little brother’s choir concert last night, after which I thought – hmm… how could I work being the choir pianist into my schedule?
It’s an idea I’ve toyed with before, especially with knowing that the current choir pianist doesn’t like syncopation… I love syncopation!
From there, my mind easily wandered to, well, how could I also fit in being a substitute trig/calc teacher? 
Again, something I’ve toyed with before, after being made aware that the local high school doesn’t have a sub who can actually teach the class.  Math has always come easy to me (I was bored and was I think 7 hours away from a minor in it in undergrad), and so, why not try to teach too.
But, of course, I’m an eye doctor… right?
How can I be an eye doctor, a choir pianist, a piano teacher, a substitute teacher, and a church organist all at the same time?
(Okay, I’d also like to be a farmer, an author, a blogger, and a pilot, while traveling the world…)
Advice is welcome.
‘Til tomorrow,
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