Day 113: Don’t Hurry

Happy Friday and Day 113 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… and Counting, y’all!
So, first things first – the sun is officially up, and it’s before 7a, which is approximately the most exciting thing that I’ve realized all week.
Looking forward to the days when I wake up to daylight at 5a instead of utter darkness… they’re coming folks!
In any case, so today y’all get a story.
But, slight backstory first: so, I’ve said before that my normal breakfast consists of fried eggs and yogurt.
For the eggs, I typically use a cast iron skillet – that gives me the ability to turn it on low when I head in to shower, throw the eggs in after getting out, and then have breakfast ready approximately the same time that I finish prepping for the day.
Which works pretty well most days.
Until someone forgets to turn on the skillet before showering.
Like I did this morning…
I realized it pretty early on, but just thought (in typical Hannah style), ‘I can just turn the skillet up higher – it’ll heat up faster, I’ll be able to throw the eggs in, and everything is back on schedule.’
It was a decent thought…  until I decided to turn the stove on high and then head back to the other room for a few minutes.
When I got back, it was obvious the skillet had gotten too hot – it was mildly smoking.
But, I wasn’t really thinking about it, so, I turned off the heat and threw in some oil.
Anyone know where this is headed?
Yep.  After the oil smoked and bubbled for about .3 seconds, it spontaneously combusted.
To the family members who read this, I promise you don’t need to get me a fire extinguisher…
Thankfully, I didn’t freak out or try to douse it with water.  Instead, I calmly turned on the stove fan, put on a hot pad, and picked up the, literally, burning skillet, and observed.
It was actually a really cool experience – I don’t think I’ve ever held fire like that before without being terrified. 
I mean, not one that I’ll try to repeat here anytime soon… it’s never my goal to start a fire in the kitchen, but still, pretty awesome nonetheless.
And a really good reminder that getting in a hurry doesn’t really solve problems.
If anything, it generally causes more.
Catch y’all tomorrow!
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