Day 116: Unplanned (2)

Happy Monday and Day 116 of Another 100 Days of Hannah… and Counting, y’all!
So, I had a lovely post that I was going to write today, however, as I ended up running too late to blog before heading to work this morning (it’s been a while since I had to be out around 7…) and then got distracted this evening, I guess we’re going for a short post tonight.
First things first then: shout out to those who have provided game night advice – they’re much appreciated!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to implement them next go round, and become more comfortable with this hosting thing.
From there… lesson from the day: 
Life is unpredictable.
Which, I’m sure all of you already know.
I was just reminded of this as… approximately none of my day went as planned today.
Nevertheless, today was good, and, as this day closes, I’m grateful for all of the unexpected moments that I was able to enjoy.
Okay, time for sleep.  (Even though I’m really not that tired… oh well!)

Catch y’all (hopefully earlier) tomorrow!


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