Day 118: Advocate

Happy Wednesday and Day 118 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
Halfway through this week thing.
So, first off, update from yesterday: assisted living facilities are great.  Well, overall.  They definitely smell better, and the patients are (generally) wayyy more functional. (Hooray for no patient transfers or fetching yesterday!) 
However, as they are ambulatory, that also means that they just all… show up at the same time and sit there watching and waiting.
Which means that yesterday, I didn’t have a break for anything from ~9a-2:20p.
Pretty sure my therapist (and everyone else in my life) would say that this is a time where I need to advocate for myself.  So, I guess I’ll be attempting that today.  Here’s to hoping it works well!
(And, even if it doesn’t, I have to be out of the facility in time to make it back closer to home to get fingerprinted by 3:30p – hooray for working on OD license #3!  More on that (maybe) some other time.)
From there… I feel like I had something else to say today, but I’m not thinking of what it is, so I guess I’ll peace out from there for today.
Have a good one y’all!

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