Day 119: Priorities

Happy Thursday and Day 119 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
Guys, I’m running late again.
But Hannah, you say, you’ve been running late every day this week…
Well, you’re not wrong.
One of these days I really need to learn to not stay up later watching the Flash with the little one… or to put a time limit on playing with the neighbor kids… or to just, you know, prioritize.
Admittedly, this week has been a really really really bad one for priorities.  To the extent where I’m pretty sure you could say I’ve thrown all priorities out the window.

For instance: I’m supposed to be traveling, starting this evening (after I finish teaching piano).
I have… approximately nothing packed. (Though, I did get out my suitcase and start washing laundry.)  I haven’t rented a car.  I haven’t really, you know, planned any of this out.
Which is probably why I feel incredibly overwhelmed this morning.
And, if I’m honest, is probably why I’ve been prioritizing everything else the rest of the week.
And why I’m totally exhausted.
But, regardless, it’s time for me to head to work.
Catch y’all next time,

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