Day 121: Update

Happy Saturday and Day 121 of Another 100 Das of Hannah …and Counting!

So, first things first: I made it to my final destination yesterday!!  (Though, it was a long day of flying, for sure.)
Obviously, I already told y’all about the initially cancelled flight, and then the secondary delay.  After making it to the layover location (2 hour layover), I grabbed a bite to eat, and walked around a bit.  Once it became apparent that this flight was going to be on time, I went ahead and booked a car (maybe that’s why  I didn’t feel a need to do it before…)  Everything was going well.
Until we were all boarded and the door was closed.  Then we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
For literally over 45 minutes (which was supposed to be the entire duration of the flight.  In fact, we actually took off AFTER we were supposed to have touched down.
Believe it or not, this was the only part of the trip that really frustrated me.
I was tired.
I was sore. (Maybe I shouldn’t have sprinted with my nephew puppy before leaving?)
I just wanted to get ‘home’.
Thankfully though, we eventually made it into the air, and, though the flight was turbulent, safely to the other side, where I quickly got my bags, slowly got my rental car, and at last made it ‘home’.
Today, I’m admittedly pretty tired – I think it’s primarily dehydration though, considering I feel like I slept okay, if not a little restlessly.  I’ve already been through one water bottle and most of one bottle of Gatorade this morning, so hopefully things will start looking up before too long.
From there though… anyone have ideas on what to get a 6 year old for his birthday?  I struggle (massively) with gifts for kiddos, and I have a feeling that the price of a flight and a car to be present just aren’t gonna cut it in his mind.  We’ll see how this works!
In any case, I guess I’ll call it good on the blogging for today.  No idea what today’s gonna hold, so we’ll play it by ear.
Catch y’all tomorrow,

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