Day 130: Potter

Happy Travel Week Monday, and Day 130 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting,y’all!
House update: So, it smells funny in here – sort of like old smoke or mild cat… can’t tell which.  And I mean, the smell isn’t terrible, but I’m really looking forward to going shopping after work today and getting some air fresheners.  (My plan last night to spread fabric softener sheets throughout the house didn’t really do much for the smell…) Thankfully, though, the basement where I opted to stay does smell the best out of any place in the house.  So, that’s a win!
This morning’s only troubles were getting the stove to light (one of the burners just kept clicking without lighting, despite smelling strongly of propane – I opened the window) and getting my eggs to cook right on the burner that I did get lit.
But, google says that my facility today is only 8 minutes away, so, that’s a win, right?
In any case, it’s been a bit hard for me to be motivated this morning.
I mean, what should I do with 3 hours between when I wake up and when I have to leave for work?
(Laying in bed for 45 minutes of them probably wasn’t my best choice… oh well!)
Yesterday, as I drove over here though, I heard the song Canvas and Clay from Pat Barrett, and, even though I’ve heard the song and similar themes countless times, this time it hit different.
Scripture says that, ‘All things work together tor good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose’.
And it reminds me of artists of all sorts.  It’s not that they don’t make mistakes, but, mistakes, under the skillful hand of a talented artist, aren’t the end of the story.  No, those mistakes are blended into the piece of art to create something beautiful.
And so it is with our Father.  He is the painter, the potter, the author, the composer.  He is the masterful artist who takes all our failures and all our weaknesses and short-comings, and works them together for good, creating a masterpiece out of our mess.
That’s pretty encouraging for me this morning, as I see myself struggling to spend time in the word – getting distracted by, what feels like, every little thing that passes by.
It’s encouraging as I find it hard to be a doer of the word, and not a hearer only.
And it’s encouraging as I see my flaws, failures, sins, and am tempted to turn to guilt and shame, rather than to the loving arms of our gracious Father.
Hopefully it’s encouraging for you too.
‘Til tomorrow,

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