Day 133: Ow.

Happy Thursday and Day 133 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
Guys, my body is not happy with me today.
Which means, primarily, that my Advil avoidance is over.  I think it’s gonna be necessary for me to make it through this 17 patient day in one piece.
Actually, there’s a decent chance that if these painkillers don’t kick in soon, it won’t end up being a 17 patient day.
In any case though, it’s Thursday, and almost the end of yet anther travel week!
In some way, it’s been nice to be away this week – I’ve been able to catch up on sleep, and haven’t had to worry about any other significant engagements in the evenings.
However, that’s also left more time for binging Arrow and other forms of non-productivity that I would otherwise generally avoid at home.  (Primarily because most days I simply don’t have time to watch 7 straight episodes of a show. In my defense, however, I get bored with shows super easy, and generally fast forward through about half of each episode… so, really, I only watched Ike 4… right?
From there though, it’ll be good to (hopefully) sleep in my own bed tonight, and have a few hours to spend with my loved ones before heading out on this weekend’s hiking adventure!  The place I’m saying looks to have free wifi, so I think I’ll be able to continue the blogging bit, but we’ll wee what the weekend holds.  I’d still love to make it to at least 200 days straight of blogging, but we’re still taking it one day at a time over here.
Or, trying to.
Some days that goes better than others.
Regardless, it’s getting later here, so I should probably call it quits on blogging for the morning.
Catch y’all tomorrow!

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