Day 135: Hike

Happy Saturday and Day 135 of Another 100 Days of Hannah … and Counting, y’all!

So, first off, I apologize for the formatting on this post. As I’m blogging from my phone, I make no promises regarding structure and format for today.

Or last night. Or tomorrow, for that matter. 

From there though, happy Saturday! (Again…)

This post is brought to you from an afternoon break in hiking (because I’m pretty exhausted right now). 

Today was, I think, the first time that I’ve done any true hiking since like… Thanksgiving 2019? Something like that? In other words, way too long. It felt great to be back on some actual hills for the first time in nearly two years – despite all the things that have changed in that time.

Lessons from today though: Ankle bug bands are the best. I need chacos (as opposed to chaos…). I really need to check my tire pressure before taking off.

Also, it’s probably good that I carry a pressure gauge and a manual air pump at all times. Definitely saved me… a couple of times today.

(Shh. I’m fine y’all. Just pray that that continues to be the case!)

Anyway… catch y’all later!


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