Day 136: Uncomfortable

 Happy Sunday and Day 136 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
So, first things first – I’m really bad at this sleeping in bit. Which, y’all already knew, but I’m here to remind you of anyway. Yesterday, it seemed to work a little bit better – maybe that’s because I was coming off of a 3.5 hour night with a 20 minute nap.
(Actually, I slept a lot yesterday. That was good. I needed it, especially post-hike.)
But, this morning it’s been more of a struggle.
C’est la vie.
In any case… what to blog about this morning?
I was thinking a little bit ago about how often I seem to have difficulty coming up with topics to write about. And, I think it all comes back to a simple law of nature – input creates output.
There are seasons of life where my input it high. I’m always reading articles, listening to podcasts, checking out new music, spending time in the word, etc. And so, naturally, during this time, my output also increases.
For better or worse, there are also times where my input is very low (like right now). I find it hard to have the drive or the motivation to search out new. As my input decreases, so does my output.
And while I know that there is a time for everything in life, part of me feels like these seasons with little growth, with little motivation, with few external inputs are inherently wrong.
I feel like I should always be taking in more. I should always be striving for growth. I should always be pushing for better.
But the fact of the matter is, that’s not how this life tends to work.
Admittedly, it’s the hardest for me to find God in these times. I don’t really know if that’s because of the circumstances, or that feeling further from God causes the circumstances. Or maybe a little bit of both?
Whatever the cause, it’s hard to know how best to proceed in these times.
Whether to push in harder, or just accept the season and trust.
I’ve heard arguments for both. 
Which is sort of where I’m at right now.
But, for today, I think that gets to be okay. There’s beauty in learning to accept the uncomfortable. In embracing the unknown. In simply sitting in silence and…being.
And in that, I can trust that God will be there, just as He always has and always will be.
Catch y’all tomorrow,

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