Day 137: Home!

Happy Monday and Day 137 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
First things first: y’all, for the first time in a week (essentially) I am home!
As much as I love traveling (for fun anyway), it admittedly feels really good to be at home, putting my life back together and just having a sort of chill day.
(And by chill, I mean doing all the things that I’ve been putting off for the last who knows how long.)
But still, it’s good to be home.
And it’s probably even better to FINALLY be blogging from my computer again.  Makes me wonder how I did everything on an iPad for so many years.  Crazy.
From there though, good news!  My deflating tire did not blow in the 6.5 hours on the road yesterday (yay!).  Once I got home last evening, my dad took a look – screwed it up pretty good.  (Literally, there was a screw in it.)  Thankfully, he easily removed the screw and patched the hole.  Good as new!  (I hope!)
After yet another experience with flat tires though, it makes me very glad that I always carry a tire gauge and a manual pump in the car with me.  We would’ve been up a creek without a paddle this weekend without it.
Not quite literally.  (Next time. Next time there will be kayaking. Maybe..)
What else is on my mind this morning?
Probably how much I absolutely hate making phone calls.
However, I finally put in the effort to set up an optometry phone number so that patients and facilities can stop calling my personal phone.  (Which means that I can make a semi-sarcastic message for my personal number now, right?  I think yes.)
I think I’ll go make that now.
Catch y’all later!

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