Day 138: Birth

Happy Tuesday and Day 138 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
First things first: we’ve made it to farming season (finally)!
Admittedly, I really wish I was prepping to go out to the fields rather than heading to a facility this morning, but, I guess I’ll just hope for short days with limited charting for the rest of farming season and help out as much as I can after work.
More reasons to do try this thing on my own? Maybe.
In a farming community, I’m pretty sure it’d be fully acceptable to take time off from other responsibilities to get crops in (and out, come fall).
So, goals.
In other exciting news though, yesterday I had the opportunity to watch one of our newest kittens be born!  The five in this litter brings our current total kitten count to 8, which is pretty exciting for a cat lover like me.
Believe it or not, this was my first time truly watching a birth of any sort.  (I know, what kind of farm do I live on to not have been an active part of the birthing process before…) It was pretty amazing.  To watch an animal’s instincts kick in.  To see the little one come out, screaming and kicking.  Tiny paws with tiny claws.
Being so amazed by the birth of kittens, of which I played absolutely no part in the creation of, I can only imagine the wonder of new parents seeing their child for the first time after nine months of waiting.
Not that it makes me really want to be a mother any more – I still have significant reservations about that.  But, I can at least appreciate the wonder, joy, and love experienced with witnessing the miracle of birth.
Which, I think is where I may leave y’all this beautiful Tuesday morning.
Catch y’all tomorrow!

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