Day 145: Sick?

Happy Tuesday and Day 145 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
First things first: I totally just had a freak out moment. I had another tab open to blog from that was showing a list of all of my posts. However, when I looked at the day markers it was showing Day 144, Day 141, Day 132, etc. My initial thought was, ‘OMG. I’ve been completely inconsistent with the days, and somehow I skipped half of the numbers.’
Then I remembered that yesterday morning I had done a quick search through the posts for a specific topic, and only posts with the word from my query were showing.
Whew. Crisis averted.
In any case, well guys, yesterday went approximately 0% as planned.
Which shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering that this is me we’re talking about, but still.
So, I mentioned yesterday morning how I seemed to be having some allergy symptoms.  No problem, right? Just take an allergy med and keep rolling.
Which was working well, until I started having stomach pains soon after arriving at the facility.
No big deal, I’m nauseous most of the time.  I’ve got this.
Unfortunately though, as the morning went on, they got worse.
Around 10:30 or so, I started having mild body aches.  Which also went on to progress through the rest of the morning.  I finished seeing the patients that were immediately available and called it a day around noon.
Once home, I curled up in my hammock, and stayed there (watching Arrow) for literally the rest of the day (and most of the night).
Definitely not what was on my radar for the day – at all.
This morning, I’m thankfully feeling some better.  The body aches are mostly gone.  My stomach is a bit calmer – more around it’s normal.  My throat is still sore, and everything is a bit muffled, but it’s a little better anyway.
Oddly, through all of it, I never ran a fever (which seemed weird with the body aches, but I checked it repeatedly).  Most importantly though, according to this morning’s rapid COVID test, I’m COVID free, which means I’m headed back to work today.
Here’s to hoping I don’t come home sick again! (Because I have a grand total of zero sick days, and I don’t want to use my vacation days to lay around and feel miserable.)
Catch y’all tomorrow!

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