Day 146: Bad days

Happy Wednesday and Day 146 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
It’s another distracted morning, guys.
One of those where I stay in bed wayyy too long, hoping that if I don’t get out of bed, somehow the day just won’t keep moving on without me.
Obviously, it never works.
The clock keeps ticking, the minutes passing.  I merely cease to be a part of the action.
Today, I guess I really just don’t want to face the day.  I’m dreading going to work and having 14+ brand new comp exams, where the people are generally with it enough to have tons of questions and refuse to wait to be seen another day.  I’m already missing the beautiful sunny warmth of this past week, and wishing that it could just stay a little longer.  I’m longing to spend the day outdoors, enjoying time in nature, rather than cooped up in a room that I feel guilty to leave.
As I look to the day, more than anything, it’s hard to trust God that He indeed could work this day out for good, even though it looks like a mountain of misery.
That’s honestly where my brain is right now.  It doesn’t want to look for positives.  It really doesn’t want to trust.  It doesn’t want to expect the best, rather than the worst.
And, for right now, that’s going to be okay, because right now, I know I can still come to the Father, with all of my doubts and negativity and frustration.  I don’t have to put on a happy face to see Him. I don’t have to hide my feelings and emotions.
And guess what? Neither do you.
Because the God of the universe? He’s able to handle our bad days too.
Catch y’all tomorrow,

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