Day 147: Mute Button

Happy Friday (jk, it’s not Friday yet, Hannah) Thursday and Day 147 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
Welcome to another episode of the never ending saga of Hannah’s Health… Stuff.
Guys, can an eye doctor still see patients when said eye doctor has no voice?
Okay, it’s not quite no voice.  There’s like, maybe 2% of a voice there that is purely consistent of whispers and squeaks.
But, is this a thing?
I’m not sure.  Or more, I’m not sure how it can be, especially considering my population (which is almost entirely comprised of individuals who are hard of hearing) and the current required usage of masks (negating any potential for lip reading).  I do know some basic sign language, however, I have found a grand total of one patient in the 2.5 years that I’ve been seeing patients that that was beneficial for.
And she was born deaf.
So, that’s probably not a viable option either.
I’ve thought of making large print posters with every phrase that I repeatedly use during the course of an exam, but, I’m not sure where that’s gonna hit with any form of efficiency.
*While with the patient.  Holds up sign reading ‘one moment while I consult my optometry exam script for the proper response for your question’.
I mean, part of me is admittedly really tempted to try it.  Because it sort of sounds fun. 
Or more, like it would be fun with most any other patient population. I mean, for the fully functional (from a mental standpoint) individual, I think we could work out a system of communication that would allow me to not speak, yet still answer questions and complete the exam.  It would be a fun challenge that I could add to my list of ‘never thought I’d do that’ experiences.
Also, I just really don’t want to take an unpaid sick day today.
I guess we’ll see if my voice magically appears in the next 30 minutes before I hit the road.
Catch y’all tomorrow,

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