Day 149: Updates

Happy Saturday and Day 149 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!
This late post brought to you by a tech day.  Or, a couple of tech days.
First things first: y’all, I really don’t like making decisions.  Which, I’m sure I’ve said before, and anyone who knows me knows pretty well.  There’s just always a little (or a lottle) bit of fear that I’ll make the wrong decision or offend someone, which is approximately my last intention.
But, with today being a tech day, it’s also been a day for making decisions.
Thankfully though, the people that I’ve been working with have made that process easier.  Primarily because I trust them to know how things work and how things should work and how to make things work for me.
So, if you are one of the ones who has been heavily involved in my decision-making process today, thanks.
From there though: guys, I finally have more of my voice back!  Like, I think I may be at a point where I could actually see patients again.  Well, you know, if it wasn’t the weekend.  Hopefully though that means that I won’t be having to take sick days next week due to lack of vocal abilities.
I’m still not quite to the level of singing, which is definitely frustrating.  Thankfully though, my head has been able to recreate most of the harmonies that I had come up with for the song I’m working on, and so, I officially have 50 measures of my first SATB arrangement written and transcribed!
(Told you, tech day… or, maybe I should say tech weekend?)
I’m using Musescore for this project, and, after a little bit of getting used to the settings, am making rapid progress with the creation process!  I’m hoping to finish the score yet this weekend, and then send it out to a few trusted individuals to proof.  From there?  Who knows.  I’m not really sure what licensing things I need to publish it, as it is an arrangement of a current song, or if it’d be worth publishing it at all.  At some point though, I’d love to perform it.  Fingers crossed.
In other news, I will hopefully, in the very near future, be transitioning this blog to a new platform.  I’m pretty excited.  Of course, that means completely reconfiguring my setup again, but that’s par for the course.  The end product will hopefully be more intuitive and easily accessible for all. Stay tuned!
As I’m writing this post (and running in place), I’m admittedly rather amused by the timing of this tech weekend.  Last year, around this same time, I was beginning to work on tech projects, purchasing my first desk, desktop, camera, audio controller, etc.  Crazy to think that I’ve already been with my current rig for nearly a year.  No regrets.
Hmm… I think that’s all I’ve got for the time being.
Catch y’all tomorrow,

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