Day 158: Frustrations

Happy Monday and Day 158 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Welp, we’re back at it for another week.

This morning, I’m frustrated, y’all.
I’ve been working on a project with a friend for… quite a while now, but all of a sudden, it feels like we’re not on the same page.
Now, granted, I know that doesn’t mean that we’re actually on different pages, but that feeling tends to frustrate my conflict-adverse self.

Hello Enneagram Nine...

(Hmm… not sure if I like that formatting… still working on that bit.)

In any case, that frustration tends to spill over to everything else: frustration with work, frustration with my scheduler, dreading of patients – you know, the normal stuff… which isn’t exactly how I was planning on starting out my Monday morning.

And so, once again, I have the lovely opportunity to practice being thankful, even when I don’t really feel like it.

Being thankful that I have a job that pays the bills.
Being thankful that my scheduler is willing to work with me (at least sort of).
Being thankful for the opportunity to work on my conflict management skills.
Being thankful for warm weather, even if it isn’t sunny.
Being thankful for another week to be alive.
Being thankful for a car to take me to work.
Being thankful for the chance to pursue projects.
Being thankful for a shorter drive day.
Being thankful for coffee 🙂
Being thankful for friends and family to have conflict with.

Which I guess is all to say that, even though I’m still frustrated, I have a lot to be thankful for.

How about you?

Catch y’all tomorrow,


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