Day 161: Fleeting

Happy Thursday and Day 161 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

First things first: coffee.
So, this week, I’ve been experimenting to see how many batches of coffee I can get out of one set of grounds (mainly because I get super frustrated with cleaning the grounds out of my french press, and can’t have a lot of caffeine anyway). This morning, I’ve been finishing batch two, which I made three days ago, and put the water in to start batch three. I’ll keep you updated on how it works out!

From there though, my thoughts have been drawn to the fleeting nature of life this morning, thanks to a sunrise partial solar eclipse.

Y’all, this life is fleeting.
Look at the sun* – from the moment that it rises, ’til the last of light fades, it waxes and wanes in unstoppable motion that we are powerless to change.
Look at the flowers – they blossom and grow, only to wither away – sometimes in months, often in days.
Watch the animals in nature – see the kittens run and play, see the birds flying high, see the coyote and coon and deer – yet, in an instant, that life may disappear.
Pay attention to the seasons, as the days ebb and flow. Isn’t it crazy how as soon as they’ve begun, they’ve already started to go?

And so it is with our lives – the days will all end. No matter how we spend them, without regard for who we’ve been.
Which feels quite unstable, on this path we all trod, with nothing here to cling to – except the hand of God.

Catch y’all tomorrow,


*Not literally – that’s bad for your eyes

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