Day 167: Frustrated

Happy Wednesday and Day 167 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Well, guys, it’s not even 8a this morning, and I’ve already been advocating for myself regarding work. I think my therapist would be proud?

Admittedly though, I’m pretty frustrated. I was looking at today’s schedule only to find that, yes, they’ve booked over my patient cap every day for the rest of the week, and no, they didn’t take my advice a month ago on how to get glasses for a patient who lost her glasses and desperately needed them, which means that she’ll end up being without glasses for a minimum of two, but more likely three, months. Aside from that, almost every patient on my schedule for the next three days is a brand new comp exam. I’m not surprised, but, considering none of the facilities actually bring me patients, I’m well aware that I’m not physically capable of seeing all these patients before my body gives up on me. I think that’s what frustrates me the most. I know these patients need seen, and I want to give them the best care possible, but I am not able to make up for a year’s worth of missed care by myself. I’m sorry. It’s just not happening.

I think that probably compounded my frustration with seeing that I was once again booked to be 3 hours from home on a non-travel week. I don’t think my email was too strongly worded, but I am definitely nearing the point of strongly advising the company to hire another doctor to cover this part of the state if they and the facilities are unhappy with the coverage being provided. I am happy to travel during my once a month travel week – it’s like a mini-vacation for me. Granted, yes, it’s a vacation where I spend most of the day working, but I still get to explore a new area and get out of my normal space for a few days. More than that though? Yeah, no, that’s not gonna work so well.

Okay, I should stop ranting now

Catch y’all tomorrow,


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