Day 168: Over and Over Again

Happy…Thursday? And Day 168 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

First things first: so, despite how frustrated I was yesterday morning, the day ended up going much better than anticipated – to the tune of seeing most of the patients on the schedule by a little after 2, then having time to hit up the beach for a few hours.

Admittedly though, my attitude changed far before I made it through the day of seeing patients. As I’ve mentioned before, I typically listen to praise music on my morning drives (and on the way back home for that matter). It helps me to turn my focus back on the Father and His goodness and mercy and love, rather than whatever situation has me upset in the moment. More often than not, it changes everything in an instant. Yesterday was no exception.

As I drove home after my day away, the song Over and Over Again from Kristene DiMarco came on (yes, I’m on a KD kick), and as I belted out the chorus, I couldn’t help but ponder the words:

Over and over again, You prove Your love to me.
You promise Your mighty right hand will be holding onto me.
Over and over again, Your strength You give to me.
And upon the rock I will stand, as You’re holding onto me.

Y’all – how incredible is it that the Father comes through for us time and time again. He holds onto us when we are falling. He gives us strength for every weakness. He never lets us go.

Oh how great this love He has lavished on us.

Catch y’all tomorrow,


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