Day 176: Products

Happy Friday and Day 176 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Well y’all, we made it.
At long last, IT’S FRIDAY!

Clearly, I’m excited. Hopefully you are too.

First things first then: thank you to anyone who said prayers or took naps in my stead yesterday. The day went MUCH better than anticipated. Actually, it was the best day, by far, that I’d had all week. So, again, thank you.

This morning, I’ve finally had a chance to start catching up on all the little life things that I haven’t touched all week. Not gonna lie – it feels really good… even if it’s close to 8a as I’m writing this post.

From there, I think today is gonna be a product post, which, I’m pretty sure is a first. Or, at least mostly a first.
Why am I sharing them? Simply this: most of these products have been game changers for me, and while I’m not sponsored (though I wouldn’t complain about a sponsorship…) I’m all about making other people’s lives better too. So, let’s dive in.

*Disregard how random these products will probably seem*

  1. Kodiak Bear Bites: So, I discovered these, thanks to a good friend, on my last hiking trip. Think Teddy Grahams for adults. All three flavors (chocolate, honey, and cinnamon) are absolutely delicious. The best part: there’s 5 grams of protein per serving (about 15 crackers). I use these as snacks at work when my energy starts dropping (aka after I skip lunch). I’ve bought them through Amazon, Walmart, and Meijer thus far. Walmart’s currently coming in the cheapest at $4.52ish/box (I think).
  2. Scrubstar Medical Scrubs: Y’all know that heat is my greatest nemesis at work. As such, my dad and I have been looking for light, breathable scrubs on and off for several months now, generally to no avail – until now. This past weekend, we finally stumbled across Scrubstar. It’s a brand of scrubs sold at Walmart that is incredible light, breathable, AND antimicrobial. I bought my first pair of Scrubstar pants on Sunday, tried them out Monday, and then proceeded to wear them for the next three days. (Don’t worry, I washed them.) I’m planning on heading back to the store this weekend to finish out my scrub wardrobe. The downside? They do cost $18.96 for a single pair of pants or tops, as opposed to the ‘normal’ pairs that you can get for ~$13. From my perspective though, they’re well worth the added expense.
  3. Gatorade Zero powder packets: I know, I know, Gatorade has powder for years. How else did we have giant coolers of the stuff after every basketball game and track meet? For the last several years though, I’ve had a terrible time finding Gatorade Zero powder (because no one needs all the calories and sugar in the normal Gatorade drinks), and so, I’d been left to buy exorbitant quantities of the pre-made stuff. A couple of months ago, however, I finally found Gatorade Zero powder packets on Amazon – 120 packets for ~$30.00. As someone who goes through somewhere between 6 and 8 bottles of electrolyte replenishing drinks a day, they’ve been an absolute game changer. They create significantly less waste, for the same great taste, at a fraction of the cost.
  4. NUUN tablets: Speaking of electrolyte drinks… I was introduced to NUUN by my older brother about a month ago. The concept is similar to Gatorade Zero, but with no artificial ingredients! I try to alternate between the two of them since NUUN is more expensive at $35.88 for 60 tablets on Amazon, but absolutely love them!

Annnd I think that’s all I have time for today.

Catch y’all tomorrow!


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