Day 230: Excess

Happy Wednesday and Day 230 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Guys, today I am admittedly 182% tempted not to complete a blog post – to just call it quits right here right now.

But I’m stubborn, so that’s clearly not happening.

In any case, I’m frustrated with myself presently. I feel like I’ve been eating too much, exercising too little, and getting caught up watching a TV show that has absolutely no relevance to the real world.

Back when I started counseling, my therapist told me that change doesn’t come from guilting oneself into an action, regardless of how impactful the guilt may feel in the moment. Admittedly, it’s frequently hard to convince myself of that. I mean, without an appropriate amount of guilt, how do we truly change?

However, as I try to guilt myself into yet another activity – exercise, watching less TV, eating less, being more productive, etc – I can’t help but realize the truth in her statement. When I feel guilty about something, I rarely actually change my behavior. I just continue on, but while feeling guilty.

Any true change? Yeah, that comes from the heart.

Guess I’ll have to ponder that a little bit more when I have more energy.

Catch y’all tomorrow,


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