Day 231: To or From?

Happy Thursday and Day 231 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Bleh… bleh… I don’t know what to write.

Other than that I’m getting really bad at going to bed on time… and consequently getting up on time. Oops. I just keep getting distracted (and having multiple hours of charting that generally don’t conclude until dinner, after which I practice organ for an hour, then come home, get distracted again, then try to finish all the little things that need done before I go to bed).

C’est la vie.

As normal, right now I’m trying to process the appeal in my current distractions. Is it something that I’m running from? Something I’m running to? Or maybe, a combination of both?

That last one’s probably most likely.

Regardless, I should probably sleep.

Catch y’all tomorrow,


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