Day 227: Space and Time

Happy Sunday and Day 227 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Well guys, I survived a full weekend of CE. Whoop! Sixteen hours complete! Thankfully, the weekend was much less painful than I had anticipated – thank you to anyone and everyone who said prayers that I would retain my sanity. (Though, I guess that would imply that I have it in the first place… which is quite honestly still up for debate. In any case, blogging.

This evening, after finishing today’s eight hours of lecture, I pretty solidly contemplated returning back home. I mean, sleeping in my own bed? Starting tomorrow morning with my home routine? It sounds pretty appealing. As the evening progressed though, I decided to stick around another night and head home tomorrow.

Admittedly, whenever I make decisions like this, I feel a little bit.. irresponsible. I mean, yes, it would be more financially savvy to stay for less time, make quick trips, etc, etc. However, what may be best for the wallet, isn’t necessarily best for life.

In short? I’m (slowly) learning the value of taking time and making space. I’m learning to find joy in the moments of quiet, learning to take a step back from my constant rushing around and simply sit in the silence. I’m learning to let go of my need to do, in exchange for the privilege to just… be.

I’ll admit – it’s not always easy. In fact, most of the time, it’s not all that easy. However, it’s definitely worth it. It’s worth it to be able to breathe. It’s worth it to choose intentionality. It’s worth it to prioritize health and growth.

So, for tonight, why don’t you take a step back, clear the schedule, forget about doing, and just be?

Catch y’all tomorrow,


Day 226: CE

Happy Saturday and Day 226 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Guys, I am literally the worst at CE (continuing education). This weekend, I’m trying to round out most of my remaining credits for the year, which means 16 hours of education in two days. I knew it would be a lot, and today admittedly went better than i anticipated, but I am still not cut out to sit in lectures all day – not my cup of tea. (Or DECAF coffee… may have had like four cups of that today….)

Surprisingly, I didn’t opt to blog during the lecture.. maybe that will be tomorrow’s task. Instead, I spent most of today’s hours drawing random lines and shapes (ahem, doodles?) on the one piece of scrap paper we were given. Believe it or not, I actually listen pretty well while doodling – I just need something to keep my hands busy while I’m listening.

If I’m honest, that may apply to most pats of my life – I just need something to do while doing a task in order to stay focused. (That seems counter-intuitive.)

In any case, it’s getting late and we’re back for another eight tomorrow.

Catch ya then,


Day 222: Running

Happy Tuesday and Day 221 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Late post alert!

Y’all, I’ve been getting back into this running thing recently. Admittedly, I haven’t been going crazy long distances, but even getting out and putting in a few miles – it’s a game changer. There are few things better for clearing the heads, burning the lungs, and torching the legs. No regrets.

Which is about all I have to say today.

Catch y’all tomorrow (and pray that the crazy day isn’t so crazy!


Day 221: Space

Happy Monday and Day 221 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

How much space do you take up?

I got to thinking about space this evening after talking to a friend about the topic. As an introvert, I admittedly like my space – a lot. I am perfectly happy having an entire house to myself, and have no real desire to share this space with others. (Disclaimer: I’m happy to share it with my older brother when he visits… we each take a floor!) Apparently, however, that’s not the mindset of many of those close to me, who are perfectly fine with having large groups of people over regularly.

Is this an introvert vs extrovert thing? Is this just based in how we were raised? What determines how comfortable we are with sharing our personal space?

Catch y’all tomorrow,


Day 220: Run to the Father

Happy Sunday and Day 220 of Another 100 Days of Hannah …and Counting, y’all!

Wanna know one of my favorite parts about coming back home? Sleeping in my hammock. It’s pretty awesome. Maybe not the best for posture, but pretty awesome.

In any case, today’s been a physically painful day. My body and I have just not been on the same page. As such, it’s been easy to try to escape from the pain. I try to run away into busyness and distractions, yet relief doesn’t come.

This concept of running away reminds me of the sermon from this morning. The scripture text was from 1 Kings where Elijah was running away from Jezebel. He ran with all his might, only to fall down exhausted and wishing for death. After food, rest, and an angel visitation though, his goal changed. Rather than running from Jezebel, he began running to the Lord.

Y’all, running tote Lord isn’t always easy. It’s a lot easier to run to busy distractions, but that’s not what we’re called to do. Rather, we’re to run to the Lord. After all, He is the one who gives rest from our burdens and is a shelter in the time of storm.

Catch y’all tomorrow,


Day 219: DC vs Marvel

Happy Saturday and Day 219 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ...and Counting, y'all!

Well guys, I’m finally back home from my travel week! It’s gonna feel good (hopefully) to sleep in my own bed again!

This evening’s (short) late post brought to you by the age old question: DC or Marvel. Admittedly, for years, I’d never heard of many of the DC characters. Recently though, I’ve been on a DC kick, thanks to The CW’s lovely TV shows. Despite having little background on the characters, I’ve really been enjoying the shows, which is more than I can say for the movies from the Marvel universe. (I literally got bored during End Game in theaters and started people watching instead of paying attention to the show…)

From there, the question’s for you: which universe do you prefer, and why?

Catch y’all tomorrow,


Day 218: More Time

Happy friday and Day 218 of Another 100 Days of Hannah ..and Counting, y’all!

Guys, I’m exhausted tonight – not really sure why. Maybe it’s anticipation of the drive home tomorrow. Maybe it’s the combination of walking/running that I did today. Maybe it’s just the letdown of another travel week.

Who knows.

Regardless, I’m tired, which naturally means that any substantial thoughts that I may have had today are successfully out of my brain at the present.

We’ll see if they come back tomorrw.

Catch y’all then,