“I Lost My House”

Day 2 Greetings from the frat house 🙂

So, today was a day for exploration.  Being the farm girl that I am, I have little understanding for cities in general, so I decided early this morning to spend a portion of my day exploring the city that I now call home.
Insert post title here.
You wouldn’t think that it would really be that hard to find your house…especially when using google maps for route assistance, but let me assure you that it is.
As a disclaimer though, before I fully begin the story of this newest endeavor, let it be known that I am somewhat directionally challenged.  Add to that a seemingly infinite number of one way streets, and navigation becomes a nightmare.
Anyway…Today’s exploration’s focused on being able to make it to and from campus without incident.  Surprisingly, I did locate both the optometry buildings and student union with relative ease.  Returning home, however, turned out to be a much different experience.
As before, I typed in the address and followed the siri-like voice to my destination, but rather than ending in front of my house, I found myself on the street where I live with no house in sight.
I literally lost my house.
Unfortunately, I was unaware of this fact until I had already parallel parked in the street and began walking.
Walking and walking and walking, I searched for my house while trying to look as confident and self-assured as possible, but it was to no avail.  Though I walked down the street three separate times, I simply could not find the house.
After the third try, I decided to widen my search.  Twenty minutes later, I found the house.
A block behind where I was looking.
It turns out that I had memorized the wrong address, and so naturally entered the incorrect address into my google map app.
#oops.  Humbling moment of the day I guess.
After my exploration, the other four first years and I went to happy hour at a nearby bar, and though happy hour really turned out to be happy hours (three in fact), it made for an excellent ending to an eventful day in the city.
I really am blessed.
Good night all!

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