City Love, or Ten Miles is A Lot of Walking

It’s official; today marked my last full day of freedom before the onset of the endless homework stream known as graduate school.  Early tomorrow morning, I will leave for orientation with my fellow first-year housemates, and will so begin my journey to doctorhood.

It’s sort of a crazy thought.
To celebrate though, I spent a majority of my day exploring the beautiful city that I now find myself living in, and to put it simply, I fell in love.
Coming from a very rural background – growing up on a farm, going to a high school of 200 students or less, and an undergraduate institution of under 2000 – it seems strange that I would enjoy city life as much as I seem to.  Even so, I love it.  Everywhere I look, there is something new, unique, and beautiful to see and experience.
That being said, today was a day filled with new experiences, a few of which I’ll share with you 🙂
1) Public Transportation
Today I rode a city bus for the first time, and discovered (thanks to my amazing housemate) that there is a free route that can take us all around downtown.  It’s fantastic.
2) North Market
This was with out a doubt the most fascinating part of my day.  So many vendors in one place, with so much variety.  It was amazing.  I was literally in awe the entire time.
3) Vietnamese Food
I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for Asian food, and so when we found a Vietnamese booth in the market, I couldn’t wait to try it.  Verdict? Delicious.
This little shop is adorable, and provided the perfect time to catch up with an old friend while enjoying amazing food and drinks.  My suggestion?  A Chai Tea Latte and a deluxe pizza (Thursday night special).  You won’t regret it.
I’m a child at heart (and still largely look like a little kid), so this children’s science museum was amazing.  We also discovered that you can get into at least half of it for free.  #tipoftheday
All in all, it’s been a day for the books.
G’night y’all!

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