I’m Tired


Has it really already been nearly 3 days since I last posted?
It truly is crazy how time flies.
Anyway, the past several days have been filled with new adventures and discoveries, ranging from an 8 hour day of orientation to countless hours of bonding with my 15 new housemates, and though I’ve only been here a mere 5 days, this new city is truly beginning to feel like home.
Here are some of the highlights from my weekend:
1) Orientation Part 1
So Friday may have felt like one of the longest days in my life.  I had not woken up at 5:00 for several weeks, and so my alarm at such an ungodly time of morning was a rude awakening (no pun intended).  That, in combination with being in a windowless room with over 60 complete strangers for over 8 hours, was enough to completely exhaust an introvert such as myself.  Nevertheless, it was great to finally meet more of my fellow first years and begin what may end up being some stellar friendships.
2) Benefits of Frat House Living
I am admittedly terrible when it comes to parties.  All too often, I get overwhelmed by the task of bouncing around the room from person to person in an effort to make small talk and avoid looking like the awkward girl in the corner.  My typical strategy of avoidance?  Leave the party.
Living in a frat house would then seem like a terrible idea.  I mean, the party is staged in your own house, and so leaving the party is almost out of the question… unless your room is on the third floor and you can conveniently go upstairs for a few hours when in need of a social respite, while returning downstairs when you again feel prepared for social interactions.
3) Games for Days
In my few short days at the house, I have been introduced to a couple of fantastic new games that I hope to eventually master: Stump and…some unnamed football game.  In stump, you toss a hammer in the air, catch it, and try to drive nails into the stump.  The goal is to be the last nail standing.  In football, on the other hand, a drink is held in one hand, and you must catch and throw the football with the other, without it touching any part of your body (excluding the hand).  As far as I am aware, there is no end goal to the football game, except to have fun.
4) Picnic
Today,  we had a big/little sib picnic for all the first (little) and second (big) years.  Though it was sort of awkward, largely due to still knowing few except for my housemates, the food was excellent.  And free.
5) Pitch Perfect 2
After the picnic, several of the housemates and I ventured out to a dollar movie theatre; I didn’t even know those existed!  I was amazed by how much the Barden Bellas reminded me of my beautiful Gamma Phi girls.  Despite loving getting to know the people here better, the movie made me miss having my sisters and closest friends only a few minutes away.  I guess it just goes to show me how blessed I’ve been <3
‘Til the next time,

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