I’m Running Out of Titles

Well, it’s official: after nearly one year of preparation, my first day of grad school is in the books.

As a whole, it’s been a good day.  I woke up early, despite the fact that class didn’t start until 10:00 and that we weren’t anticipating leaving the house until 8:40.  This extra time gave me the perfect opportunity to go for a beautiful, early-morning run.  Though this wasn’t my first time running after arriving in the city, I was still amazed by the differences between running at home and here in the city.  Dodging students on their way to class, watching shops open, and smelling an unbelivable variety of foods in just a short mile is such a new experience for someone used to running down rarely traveled country roads…  Nevertheless, I fully enjoyed it, and returned to the house exhausted  refreshed and ready to begin my day.
After a quick walk across campus, my fellow housemates and I arrived to class an hour early, only to find the classroom already half-filled.  There were still several backrow seats available, however, which we eagerly claimed.  An hour later, our first prof walked in and class commenced.
As can be expected with the first day, most of today’s classes revolved primarily around syllabus discussions, at least for the first hour.  Being grad school, however, two out of the three professors were lecture for 2 hours, and so two full pages of notes for each class were introduced as well.
Yes, I have already started studying.
Anyway, six hours, three profs, and an unsuccessful trip to Bibibop later, day one came to a close.

It’s been a good one.
Now all I need is a nap and a guitar.

Good night, y’all.

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