Flats, Firsts, and Finally a Break

This past week has been rather exhausting (which will be my excuse for the delayed blogging time…)

As I’ve mentioned before, even my most intense undergraduate coursework pales in comparison with the material that is essentially thrown in my direction on a daily basis, which naturally makes for a lot more studying and a lot less freetime.  Somehow though, I currently find myself with nearly two hours before my next commitment, and while I could be studying, I would much rather blog.  So here’s the tale of my past week’s adventures… Enjoy! 😄
So this past Thursday/Friday marked my first experience with street cleaning.  Living in rural Ohio, some days it felt like we were lucky for roads to be plowed.  Here in the city, the streets are (apparently) cleaned once a month.  To allow for cleaning, all vehicles must be removed from the side of the road.  Those that are not moved will be towed.  Thankfully, this is a lesson that I did not have to learn the hard way, as one of the upperclassmen sent a helpful text out to the “squid squad” (our lovely group of first years) reminding us to move our vehicles.  However, when I began to move my vehicle Thursday evening, I was greeted by an unfamiliar sound.
As an aside, my mechanical literacy is limited.  While I may be a very hands-on person, I am more likely to disregard any noise that my van is making than look for the source of the sound.  I mean, most sounds disappear with the windows down and music up, right? 😜
Anyway, I drove around for nearly 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot (there were none), all the while listening to this atrocious sound coming from my vehicle.  Finally, I gave up and parked in the lot behind the house.  Hopping out of the car, I looked down to find an entirely flat tire.
While it would seem that this would provide an excellent first experience with changing my own tire, it was soon discovered that my spare was rusted to the bottom of my van.
Thank God for AAA.
And air compressors.
It turns out that there wasn’t anything wrong with the tire; it just decided to lose all of its air for the fun of it.
Or so I’m hoping.  We’ll see when I get home tonight.
On another note, I love to cook.
Like seriously, if optometry school fails for some reason, I would gladly spend my days cooking.
And so, when I get sick of studying, I experiment in the kitchen.
This past week, I had my first experience making stirfry (it was excellent), BLT’s (I didn’t have bacon or mayo…), cinnamon peanut butter pancakes, a quesadilla burger, and a cinnamon-role-esque dessert.  All without recipes.  It was seriously the highlight of my week.
Aside from cooking, studying, and changing tires, I had another fantastic chance to experience this great city that I call my home, starting with a Friday night trip to Lucky’s.
Lucky’s, as the name somewhat suggests, is a local bar where a large number of optometry students went to celebrate one of the second year’s weddings.  It was a great time, which was only made better by a simultaneous IPC (interprofessional council) event that allowed us to meet students from the other professional schools on campus.
Social quota met for the weekend? Check.
Good or bad, the college’s football schedule does not revolve around my desire for social interactions. So, Saturday morning, I had the wonderful chace to walk down three flights of stairs to join in the house’s tailgating festivities.
Despite being tired from the night before, and not feeling terribly social, it was an enjoyable time.
Besides..there was free food.  And it was good.
Well, I should get back to studying before Zumba..
‘Til the next time!

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