Yep, I’m Still Here…

Hello beautiful internet following!  Yes, I am still here, which means that I actually survived my first round of midterms.

Check that off the list! ✔️

So anyway, it’s been a crazy two weeks.

(And by crazy, I mean that I have done nothing except study, think about studying, dream about studying, and tell myself that I should be studying…it really makes for a wonderful time.)

Last Tuesday marked my first day of testing, and though the tests were only 50 minutes a piece, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Going into this first set of tests, I had no idea what to expect.  Yes, I’d talked to the upperclassmen about how hard they were, but I still had no personal experience to base my expectations off of.  And though I wasn’t exceptionally scared or stressed, as I’ve always been pretty solid when it comes to taking tests, there was definitely a bit of apprehension.  I mean, had I been studying enough?  How would I compare to the rest of the class?  Did I really know the information as well as I needed to?

For all of these, I really didn’t know.

So naturally, I started studying Friday night…and studied (essentially) straight through ’til this past Monday afternoon when I took my final midterm.

And, thankfully, it seemed to work.

At this point, I’ve gotten back the results of 3/4 of the midterms, and two of those, I was very happy with.

(I guess I can learn to settle for A-‘s in grad school…)

The third?

Well…maybe I should have paid attention in class more and studied more than the night before and morning of.


I guess I’ll know better for next time…

Anyway, that’s all I can think of to talk about for this morning.



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