OPT-1 Take 2: Let’s Do This

Annnd I’m back!

After an absolutely fantastic three weeks off, I’m back in the city staring my second semester of graduate school in the face.
Which is just a bit crazy to think about.
But I’m pretty excited..  🙂
In any case, here’s an overview of my past three weeks of freedom!
1.  I survived finals!
Way too many hours of studying finally ended on the 17th of December after a minor (ish) mishap that led to my final final being delayed by over an hour.  All’s well that ends well though, and a trip to Graeter’s Icecream with my two closest friends from optometry school definitely made for a good ending to my first semester!  Additionally, when grades were posted about a week later, I was pleased to see that I only missed my goal of a perfect 4.0 by one class.  Unfortunately, the B+ that I pulled in that class did drop my GPA to the lowest it’s ever been, but hey.  It’s grad school. I’m happy.
So, in anticipation of my last 3 weeks of freedom for another semester, I made a Winter Break 2015 Bucket List that looked something like this:
2. Lunch with two of my best friends from home
As always, the three of us went out for Chinese, and then spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on each others lives and playing a rousing game of Therapy.  Or something like that.  It was terribly fun, and was a perfect way to start off my break!
3.  Weddings!
This break, I had the fantastic opportunity to go to two weddings – one for one of my sorority sisters, and another for a random friend of a friend.  Both made for great nights, full of dancing and fun with some of the people that I love the most!
4.  Work on Music
So, in my spare time, I like to pretend that I’m super good at music.  And so, with this in mind, I made it a goal to try to finish writing my first true mashup.  Unfortunately, I still have the final chorus left to finish, but great progress has been made, and I can’t wait until it’s finished!!
5. Schoolwork
It’s truly never-ending for a grad student… even when the semester is over.  I, however, successfully avoided most all schoolwork over the three weeks of break, and so still have it hanging over my head.  I sure hope it doesn’t decide to fall soon…
6.  Binge watch movies and TV shows
What winter break is truly complete without a Lord of the Rings marathon, plus a viewing of Elf, and Les Mis, and a binge watching of Broadchurch?  None.
7. Learn violin
Ahem. Fail. How about summer break?
8. Read!
Though I had much loftier goals, finishing two books in the first three days of vacation was all the more that I accomplished.  Nevertheless, it was the most reading that I had done in a year, and so I felt accomplished.
9. Bake.
Spending time in the kitchen is one of my favorite past times, so it should come as no surprise that I made over 8 dozen cookies in the first week of my break… and spent the rest of the time eating them 🙂
10. And spend time with my amazing family <3
And now, I’m tired of blogging for the night.
Good night, y’all!

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