Monday Afternoons

Let’s be real.  Is there any better time to write a lovely “This is my life” blog post than a lazy Monday afternoon?  I think not. So without further ado here is my most recent life update: Monday Afternoons

Holy cow.
I am exhausted.
It may only be going on 3 in the afternoon, but I feel like it should be time for bed.
Okay… Not quite. But I am super tired.
Let’s chalk that up to a great weekend of pledge week activities (i.e. Games/trivia night, initiation (and then a hunger games binge watch..), and skit night/after party) and a lack of coffee.
Side note: Coffee may be my new addiction this semester, as I realized this past week that I can get a 12 oz cup of coffee for a mere $.69 at the hospital cafe. 😍
Anyway, so what’s new in my life?
Well, with two weeks of the semester now under my belt, I’m finally beginning to fall back into the school routine.  Thankfully, my schedule this semester is absolutely fantastic.  I may have an 8:00 class every day of the week except for Monday’s, but I’m also out of class by 3 every day except for Wednesday’s. This beautiful schedule not only forces me to be up and productive in the morning, but also allows me to get a great deal of studying done in the afternoons/evenings, and still have time for fun! (so far anyway..) Additionally, it currently seems like only 3 classes will require any intense studying (well, I guess it was pretty much the same last semester…), which is sure to free up my time as well.  Shout out to hours of playing piano, cooking, watching random movies/TV shows, and pretending to be artistic.
Long story short, it looks like it’s going to be a stellar semester.
In other news, in addition to being initiated as a member of EYE Fraternity (or frarority) on Friday, I also was in clinic for the first time as an optometry student.
I loved it.
For me, anyway, it is very easy to forget the joy of working with and helping others (a large reason as to why I’m in the field of optometry) when I spend most of my days studying somewhat dry material in a single room with the other 64 first year optometry students.  Being in clinic, though, was the perfect reminder of why I love optometry and was super excited to become an optometrist.
As a final bit of school related news, I am pleased to say that I passed my first final of my second semester today!
This semester, our online coursee was Microbiology, which included 8 chapters and 5 quizzes that could be completed at our leisure.  Last semester I waited until almost the end of the term to take the online final, which only increased my pre-finals stress.  This semester, I instead wanted to finish the course early to relieve as much stress as possible.  After finishing all of the quizzes the first week of classes, I studied periodically for the past two weeks, and decided to take the final this morning.  Twenty minutes and 55 minutes later, my testing was complete, with a passing score of 85ish.  No complaints here!
Though it may seem some days like my life only consists of school and frarority life, I am some days reminded of the beauty of the world outside of this tiny bubble of grad school.  My most recent highlights from life in general have been:
1. learning to cook with quinoa
For those of you who have never tried it, quinoa is the current suupergrain of choice. It cooks essentially like rice, and contains an impressive number of vitamins/antioxidants/etc.  I have yet to perfect using this as a rice substitute, but my chicken quinoa stirfry last night was pretty on point, if I do say so myself… 🙂
2. Letters!
So, as a random fact, I love writing and receiving letters (hint. hint hint hint. hint). It should come as no surprise then that my highight of the day was receiving a hand written letter from my little brother in the mail this afternoon. Day made <3
Annnd…I do believe that’s about it for now.
Catch y’all later!

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