Life Update… Aka Study Break

Hello all!

Oh wow.  My blogging has obviously gotten away from me this semester, but I wanted to take a quick study break to give you all a quick life update.

So, what’s been up?

Well, this semester, I had the pleasure of joining the Professional Students Orchestra (I played trumpet!), an H2O City Life Group (super cool group of people around my age that gets together and talks about life and God) annnnnd… Yeah.  That’s about all the new groups that I joined lol.

overall, this semester hasn’t been crazy stressful, but somehow I still have managed to keep busy for the past like 3 months.  I’m not entirely sure what I spent all my time doing… I mean, aside from studying.

Other notable events, were:
1) attending a fantastic lecture from Dr. Patrick Quade of the College of Vision Development (COVD).  He talked a lot about the benefits of Vision Therapy on both children and patients with traumatic brain injuries.  It was honestly one of the best lectures that I attended all year, and I can’t wait to find about more about COVD and vision therapy in general.

2) attending Dinner with the Docs.  This was a largely networking event, but I honestly just went for the food (it wasn’t as good as I had hoped).  I did, however, hear some interesting stories from current optometrists.  So I guess the night will count as a win.

3) attending the EYE spring banquet.  I’m admittedly not a huge one for going out to parties, but this was a super fancy event meant to celebrate the fourth year EYE members, several of which have lived in the house with me.  All in all, despite my hesitancy to go, it was a great night, and I am definitely looking forward to attending next year.

4) attending Scholar’s Dinner.  This was actually a super recent event, in which I had the opportunity to meet the optometrists who provided my scholarship this year.  Some parts were a bit awkward, but the food was excellent, and my donors seemed really cool, so I was very glad to have had the chance to meet them.

5) figuring out how to get onto the house roof.  So yesterday, because of all the great weather, I made it my goal to figure out how to get onto the roof here at the house (where I’m currently sitting and writing this post).  Twenty minutes and several scratches later, I found myself overlooking this fabulous city that I am currently living in.  Seeing the city from up here has really reminded me of all the reasons that I fell in love with the city when I first moved here… It’s just beautiful.  There’s so much diversity and life constantly surrounding me, that I’m almost constantly in awe of.  I’m so glad that I get to spend the next 3 years here 🙂

Speaking of three years… Somehow, this semester (and consequently school year) is already nearing it’s end.  In fact, in just (I think) 3 more weeks, I will be completely done with my first year of optometry school.  It is absolutely crazy.  I cannot believe that the year is almost over!! As much as I’m not ready for this year to be over, I’m definitely looking forward for a break from the stress of almost non-stop studying that it feels like I’ve been doing recently.

Finally, I would like to officially announce that I will be biking 100 miles in one day this summer in support of cancer research, as well as running a half marathon this coming fall to support a local children’s hospital.  Both of these will be pretty taxing on my body, but I’m excited to have an excuse to get in better shape over the summer.

Well, catch y’all on the flippity!


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