The Adventures of H & Lars

Hello all!

Welcome back to my blog 🙂

After an extensive hiatus, I have again returned to chronicle yet another exciting period in my life.
For those of you who have been here from the beginning, there are a couple of changes to note.

The first? My name! Due to recent branding efforts, I decided it best to no longer blog pseudonominously.  No worries though – my good friend Kealyn will surely be making appearances in the future!

In addition to now blogging as myself, you will note that what was once “Unfettered: The Adventures of a Smalltown Girl” has now become “The Adventures of H & Lars,” in an effort to accurately describe this new season in my life.

Which begs the question: WHO IS LARS?

Unfortunately, Lars is neither my boyfriend (single – 24 years and counting!), my dog (I’m looking for one btw, so if you have connections, lemme know..), or my pet plant (accidentally killed the last one.. sorry Verne..), but rather my beautiful car that I get to travel ACROSS THE COUNTRY in this year for Optometry school.  I’m thrilled.

And I hope you are too.
Because that’s why I’m back!

As a final change, you’ll hopefully notice that some modifications have been made to my website to *try* to make it more professional.  (Okay, so I added a resume.)  Chances are I’ll continue to edit it for the next year as I begin to use this as a platform to find a job and the like. In any case, feel free to explore!

Til the next time!


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